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Royalty: Born Full of Purpose

May 11, 2018


December 15, 2016 at 12 weeks pregnant I visited the hospital because I was in pain. I thought that pain was probably normal for a pregnant woman so I wasn't very worried, but at the same time I wasn’t certain so I thought it best to be safe.

My first visit with my OB wasn’t scheduled for another 3 weeks out from this date so, I had to make sure my baby was doing well. I just had this feeling. You know? Have you ever just had a feeling to do something? I can say that I have quickly learned this to be a way God leads His children each day.


--Let me be clear, not every feeling you have to do something or go somewhere is from God. The more you are intentional about spending time with God, talking to Him, and listening to Him the more you will grow to know when it is Him leading you vs. your heart.--


Let’s get back to the hospital visit. After the doctor at the hospital gave me an ultrasound and examined me he highly encouraged me to go see a specialist because they found some things in the ultrasound that needed further examination. Within 2 days, I was in the office of a specialist to see exactly what was going on. This specialist then sent me to another specialist, it was after the  2nd specialist completed the ultrasound of my growing fetus that I was given some of the most devastating news any pregnant woman could receive.

The doctors told me that my fetus was not developing properly and it was life-threatening.

Unbelievable, right?

The developmental stage of my fetus was explained by the doctors to be uncommon. He also further explained that he did not know exactly what he was seeing because the fetus was only 12 weeks at the time and still so small. They immediately advised me to kill my baby and suggested I try again.

I know, that’s crazy, right? How and why would a doctor that admitted that he did not know exactly what was going on, tell a pregnant woman to kill her baby based on an ultrasound that was uncommon??

Well, I will answer that question for you. He didn’t understand what God was doing. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t for him to understand what God was doing. From the first hospital visit to the conversation with the first specialist, I felt the Lord telling me to trust Him and that everything was going to be alright. While I was getting this particular ultrasound I was at peace.

I will never forget the words that pierced my heart from the 2nd specialist, “There was NOTHING YOU DID to cause this and there is NOTHING YOU CAN do to FIX this.” The Lord immediately spoke to me during my exam and said, “He is right. There is nothing you can do but I can do ALL things! I still have the power to heal. Trust me and obey!”

As I got dressed after the ultrasound the Lord spoke to me again. He instructed me not to kill my baby and to trust Him. He kept reiterating “trust me” every time He spoke to me during this time.

After the ultrasound, my child’s father and I were directed to go into a small waiting room to speak with the specialist about further instructions. The doctor asked my child’s father and I what decision would we be making. The two choices explained to us were to kill the baby or either keep the baby and watch the baby die inside of me. Although my child’s father and I were not seeing eye to eye on anything in life, we were unquestionably able to agree on one thing, that was to keep the baby.

During my pregnancy, I went  on a tumultuous journey with God that I did not sign up for and certainly wasn't expecting! Yes, I made the initial decisions to trust and obey Him to keep my baby. However, was completely unprepared for all that would take place throughout my pregnancy.

My mind, prayers, and faith were focused on God releasing miracles and supernatural healing over my baby. I carried my baby for 8 ½ months and watched her continuous growth and development.

The same doctors that counted my baby out, were shocked by the milestones we were reaching. They told me that she would not make it past 14 weeks alive in my stomach. Well, their predictions were WRONG! My baby girl made it to 34 weeks and it was the day after Mother's day that she decided that she wanted to come into the world.

During my pregnancy the doctors told me if I gave birth, there were no chances of my baby girl being born alive. Not ONLY was my baby girl was born ALIVE but she came out crying. This melted my heart as I was on the operating table unable to see what was going on while they performed the C-Section. To hear her crying, brought me tears of joy and relief. I was so happy and all I could think about was how GOOD God was.

A team of doctor’s checked on her before giving her to me. As they stitched me up, all I could do was pray that everything would be ok. When they handed me my baby girl I remember being so doped up on medication that I felt I couldn’t completely enjoy the moment of a mother holding her baby girl for the first time. This still did not stop me from tapping into the power of God for strength.

Although I was tired and felt woozy from the medication, I will NEVER forget how I felt the moment they gave me my baby girl. I immediately began to pray for her (Royalty was her name) and thank God her life.

Just short of 2 hours later, to be exact it was 1 hour and 58 minutes later, the doctor’s told me her heartbeat was going in and out and suddenly pronounced her dead. I remember passing when they passed her back to me and I continued to pray.

Royalty kept opening and closing her eyes after they pronounced her dead so, I didn’t want to accept what they told me. I can say it was truly an extremely difficult verdict to accept after spending the last 8 ½ months praying and believing God for a miracle.

During those 8 ½ months of my pregnancy, I was praying for healing, deliverance, and a miracle for both, Royalty and I. I didn’t know God was really answering my prayers the entire time. I couldn’t see everything He was doing spiritually but I believed He would not fail me or my baby girl.

God kept His promises throughout my entire pregnancy and afterward. He showed me Himself as a healer, deliverer, miracle worker, and the God who can do ALL things.

He is still showing Himself to me in new ways but I have come to know Him most affectionately as my Leader. He led Royalty and I on an unforeseen journey together. Neither of us could have ever known exactly how this story would end. 

I knew deep down inside that I would be sharing a testimony about the power of listening, obeying, and trusting God in the midst of obstacles.

I am literally  a living epistle, my life is a walking testimony of the importance of walking blindly in Faith with God through what seems to be the hardest times in your life.

God has blown my mind with the way He continues to lead me, even after the death of my child.

I gave my life back to Christ during my pregnancy and told God whatever He needed me to do, I would do it. And though I make mistakes and am not perfect, I am allowing God to guide me.

When God asked me to start writing a book after the death of my child, I had no idea on where to start and lots of distractions, but I obeyed and started writing.

God blessed me to finished my book in 10 weeks and began the publishing process. During the writing and publishing process, God started giving me ideas and the blueprint to businesses, He directives begin to completely  BLOW my mind.

As of May 9, 2018, it has been 2 years since my daughter was born and received eternal life. Here are a few things that God has done since my daughter has passed away:

•    6 months after Royalty passed away my 1st book, Pregnant With A Purpose was published.

•    1 month after my book was published I received my 1st paid speaking engagement at Kishwaukee College.

•    11 months after her death I released my 2nd book, Born With A Purpose.

•    18 months after her death I fired my boss.

•    Now, I work full-time for myself helping individuals write books in 10 weeks, publish, and turn their books into streams of income.


I am thankful that I trusted and obeyed God to lead me down the path of keeping my baby girl. My life has never been the same. A new level of Purpose was birthed of me during what I felt like, the hardest season of my life. I have learned how important it is to stay in the word of God, prayer and spend quality time with God in order to hear Him clearly and allow for Him to lead us down the right path.  




Here is a clip of the Taneisha's priceless last moments with Royalty.



I believed God used Royalty in a powerful way, this little baby was a weapon of warfare and her life served a purpose. Each doctor, nurse, surgeon, and specialist that was part of bringing Royalty into this world, was witness to the miraculous power of God. They are without excuse.He used Royalty to restore Taneisha's rightful place as in the royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9)  and as a living epistle (2 Corinthians 3:2). This child accomplished more than most of us could in a lifetime of living.



Select this link Taneisha Naylor to  learn more about her courageous journey


Love Always Your,

Apostolic Fly Girl


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