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The Attributes of God: Infinitude

June 11, 2018


God is the very definition of Infinitude. He is the Beginning, the Cause, and the Source of all that is.


When He said “Let there be light” (Gen 1:3), He literally called into existence our 100 BILLION star galaxy. Scientists say that the candle power of our galaxy is equivalent to that of 400 MILLION suns. What an illustrious, detail oriented, and creative God he is!


Even prior to the creation of the heavens and the earth God was busy. He is Love and before the very foundation of the earth He was preoccupied with His love for us (Joh 17:24). Because He is infinitely wise, He knew even before the creation of any creature that we (humans) would need a savior and that’s why Jesus was created over ALL creation (Col 1:15-16).


God is eternally self-existent, if it were possible to undo everything God created we would be able to see His self sufficient, unmade, and unborn existence.


Often times in our own feeble mindedness we create an image of God that depicts him as a place or space. God is neither, he contains space and he has made a place for every living creature, creeping thing, (Gen 1:24-23) and human being (Eph 1:4)that he has called into existence. That means that for every one of your downfalls or mistakes God created a place of recovery. He made space for your successes, tears, doubts, and your fears. God made room enough for all of us.


God does not lean on his creation to sustain himself, He is eternally sovereign and does not need our counsel or our wisdom, He is eternally omnipotent and does not need our feeble strength or for us to uphold him.


One thing that Christianity has over every other religion or belief system in the world is God’s infinitude. God is infinitely a Father that loves his Son (Joh 17:24), this is the same Son that He gave to this world so that whosoever believe that in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (Joh 3:16) Because man was created in God’s image using both earthly and heavenly material (Gen 2:7) when we believe and submit our lives to this infinite God we have access to heavenly things. Most importantly we have in, death to self, access to the power of God’s infinitude (Joh 1:12). What a perfect and complete gift....


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