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The Power of a Christian Woman

August 17, 2018


I would like to take you back in time to the year 2000. I was attending Dr. Horace Smith’s church on the Southside. They introduced a program that changed the trajectory of my life. It was a daily Bible Reading program that allowed you to walk through the Bible in a year. As I was reading through the Bible in a year, the Lord began to set the path of new direction in my life. Today, 18 years later, we still do the Walk through the Bible in a Year Program.


It was in 2000 that Women of Vision and Destiny Ministries, Inc. was birthed. I wondered what my purpose was. I always loved teaching but now God planted a huge desire to see the lives of women and teen girls changed through his word. Originally, the vision was for both women and men to partner together with the cluster anointing—the ability to mingle our creative ministry juices to expand the kingdom. The men said they didn’t receive the revelation and did not go with us.


The women continued on. We started with Bible Studies in my home. Over 80 women would come and fill multiple levels of our home. God’s presence flooded the place. We outgrew our home, and went to the basement of Maisie Sparks, a powerful member of our team. Then we outgrew there and traveled to Homan Square Community Center on the Westside. God was birthing women leaders. Each month nearly 200 women would drive from all over and show up for our WOVD University of Life Classes.


It was also a painful time as many male leaders rejected the power that God was demonstrating in my life (the life of a woman) and the lives of women who were being powerfully delivered. The most painful rejection came from pastors who did not understand the movement and set out to sabotage WOVD by subtly encouraging my top leaders who belonged to their churches to disassociate with WOVD.


Looking back, I realize that WOVD was a pioneer in women’s ministry and many were afraid that we would turn into a church and take their members. That was not our intent. We were ministering to women on a large scale before anyone else was. Way before it became popular like today. I personally believe that many of  today’s women’s groups were and are still inspired by WOVD to walk out their calling. We gave them a model of how to do it. In 2003, we pressed and hosted our first international conference at the McCormick Center with 250 women from all over the world.


I believe that the enemy knew that God was producing a mighty movement and sought to shut it down. He almost did. We came under intense opposition and it slowed the organization down. Many gave up, but God kept me going. I knew that he had birthed WOVD.


I now lead three powerful, global corporations: Women of Vision and Destiny Ministries (www.wovd.org), Wealth and Riches Today and The Rich Gurlz Club. I will tell any dreamer to stay diligent in your prayer closet, Bible study and meditation. Seek the kingdom first and it’s righteousness. Grow deeply in the knowledge and revelation of who you are in Christ. Stay free of negative people and naysayers. Seek godly mentors to counsel you. Take care of your marriage and family and be ALL that God called you to be.

Others may not understand your purpose. You are accountable to produce ALL that God has called you to do. Focus on your dream. Do not compare yourself to others! Keep moving past the obstacles and you will reach the TOP 2 PERCENT!

About the Author


L. Renee is a bold global visionary leader who loves empowering women leaders and entrepreneurs to: 

1) Discover Their Purpose

2) Design a Purpose Driven Brand

3) Build a Wealth Generating Enterprise.


She is a time and life management ninja. “Owning your time and using it wisely will change the trajectory of your life,” she says. She has spoken for top organizations, corporations and conferences throughout the U.S. and in Europe (Paris and London).

She worked in corporate America for 20 years managing $1 billion in advertising for Fortune 500 clients. She is known as the Billionaire Visionnaire. She and her Miracle Man hubby Glen opened an ice cream franchise store on Michigan Avenue for six years. It was visited by Mayor Richard Daley and other famous celebrities. The store generated over $1.0 million in sales, served 1.2 million multi-cultural ice cream lovers and employed over 100 young people. She is the author of several books including Discover the Wealth that is in Your House (sold on Amazon) and Wealth and Riches are in My House and So You Want to Be a Millionaire: What you need to know about Faith and Finance.


L. Renee is a highly sought after business empowerment coach and keynote speaker for ministry, career, business and marketing. She has hosted Christian Women’s Leadership Conferences and Global Leadership Summits for 16 years throughout the U.S.

L Renee hosts "The Rich Gurlz Club Five Star Luxury Bizness SPA Retreatz" for women leaders at beautiful ultra- premium spas and resorts across the world richgurlzpalmcoast



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