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Watch Me Werk- I Allow Myself to be Human


When my sister/friend Charity asked me to be a part of her “Watch Me Werk” blog series I quickly said “Yes!” I was super excited, I love her ministry and wanted to help out in any way I could. 


I was also elated that my sister was stepping out more into her gifts and calling, I completely support her work and was thrilled at the thought of seeing how God was going to use this blog to reach the multitude.


My excitement turned to chagrin when I soon discovered that this blog series would not be a Q&A interview styled submission and that I would actually be submitting my OWN written piece *insert deep sigh*       


I found myself panicked and searching for the nearest exit; this would for sure take me completely out of my comfort zone and I just wasn’t ready for all of that. I then thought, “I can’t leave my sister hanging, not after all of the things she has done for me.”


I poked my lip back in (yes I was pouting) then asked her the million dollar question, “What do you want me to write about?”


Charity soon sent me an email asking me a list of questions

-Who are you?

-What do you do?

-How do you juggle a husband, children, business, and ministry?


Now, after reading those questions, I said to myself, “Who are you? Now that’s a GOOD question.”  I then thought, “How do I juggle being a wife, mother of 6, business owner, ministry, and not to mention the boards I sit on?”


 You know what self-responded?

“I don’t know.”


I realized that in this constant juggling I really hadn’t thought very much about who I truly was as an individual.  In spite of this, I decided that I  would try to answer these questions the best I could.


I would describe myself as a Christian, wife, and a stay at home mom…no wait that’s too easy. That’s not who I am. Pieces of who I am are certainly displayed in every role I play and although I am much acquainted with the roles they are not my identity.


Let’s start over,

Hi! My name is Ja’Niece Nelson; I am an optimistic, loving, caring, giving person. I am outgoing and full of life. I love to surround myself with friends and family and I am intentional about getting to know new people. My optimism allows for me to strategically search for the good in everyone. I am adventurous and LOVE to try new things. I am an over comer, a fighter, and I am strong.  


With that being said, allow me to also share with you four principles God has given me to help with the challenges of being a “Super Mom.” This Godly wisdom has helped me stay out of the crazy house and in my right mind. I will try to keep it short, Charity said to write a blog not a book.


Number One-

I allow myself to be HUMAN

Have you ever said or thought any of these things:   

 I just want to be a good wife. I just want to be a good mother. I just want to be saved. Or, I can’t do anything right. I am always messing up. I am a failure. I can’t make anyone happy. I have to consistently remind myself that because I am not perfect doesn’t mean that I am a failure and that I am not good. I AM a good wife, not a perfect one. I AM an excellent mother, but not perfect one. Jesus loves me and He is not mad at me, He knows that I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes because I am not perfect. Jesus has given me the ok learn from my mistakes and to do better next time. It’s ok that I don’t make everyone happy I’m human….Be Human!


Number Two- 

Never stop LEARNING

To stop learning means to stop growing. To avoid stunting your own growth, I recommended always searching  for ways to become wiser, stronger, and creative. Never stop improving on yourself. I always find ways to learn whether it’s from reading a book, watching a video, going to counseling, going to a conference, seminar, webinars, retreats, networking, etc. Just don’t stop learning and growing.



Number Three-

I remind myself that my family and I are in God's hands to stay

I believe that God hears me every where, that He is in the car with me when I drive, in the kitchen with me when I am cooking, and in my head when I am frustrated with the challenges of life. Doing things on my own would mean removing myself from God's hands and that is not a risk I am willing to take.


Number Four-

I don't walk in fear but alongside it and through it

God has not given me the Spirit of Fear but of LOVE, POWER, and of SOUND MIND. When fear tries to rear its ugly head I remind myself that fear has no power to stop me. I didn't want to write this article because of fear, I was afraid no one would want to read it. But because fear doesn't have to power to stop me, I walked through this process fighting every inch of the way in order to make sure that what I have in me will hopefully benefit someone like you!

Ja' Niece Nelson is a wife of 15 years to Craig Nelson and the mother of 6 1/2 children (Gabrielle 14, Jeremiah 13, Jasmine 11, Roman 10, Rachel 8, and Nathaneal 6) her 1/2 child is her families new puppy Maximus. 


Ja'Niece is the founder and CEO of "Mommies Got Milk"  she has been a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for over 14 years and currently works as a Doula. She also is a facilitator for BELA (Birth Equity Leadership Academy), Co-Chair of Peer Counselors for the Chicago Regional Breastfeeding Task Force, and Ja'Niece is a student at Union Institution & University. If that doesn't make your head spin, Ja'Niece ALSO is Lead Teacher at her church's (All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago) children's ministry.




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