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Signs of Life Series: The Warlock- Part 1

March 11, 2019


I met Tony* while I was working at a used car lot, he came in to pay his car note.  Immediately, I was drawn to him and he knew it. Before leaving, he asked for my phone number and I told him no.  Although I was extremely attracted to him, I knew in my gut he was not for me. After days of thinking about him I decided to go into his file and get his phone number.  I called him, instantly he recognized my voice and said he was waiting for my call.  The following week we went on our first date.


Sex with Tony* was like nothing I had ever experience.  I felt like I was on drugs. Every moment with him was so surreal. Every secret sexual desire or fantasy I had ever thought he initiated without me telling him.  It was like he was a character in a sex novel and I was playing the love interest.


I can recall a time Tony* invited me over his house, upon my arrival there were four of his male friends there. I remember thinking that  this was strange because he had not mentioned having any company prior to inviting me over and I had never met any of his friends before.  Tony* lived in a studio apartment, hardly large enough to squeeze in two people let alone four.   


I had an eerie uneasy feeling when I stepped in, his bed was on the floor pushed to the wall with 2 sofas in front of it. Shortly after my arrival, Tony* asked me to sit on the floor in between his legs. I immediately felt very uncomfortable with his suggestion, but I went along with it.  I could feel his friends staring at us as he began to massage my breast. I asked him to stop but he told me it was "ok" and to "calm down and relax." His friends continued to drink beer and watch the game,  I told Tony* I was ready to leave and that I was tired.  He told me to go and lay down on the bed, I really didn’t want to, but I did.


I kept thinking to myself "I need to leave."  Tony* came and laid on the bed with me, he then began kissing and touching me.  He said not to worry about his friends because they were watching the game.  I told him to stop and resisted his advances. The feeling of alarm and fear surged through my veins and my mind began to race. "Is he going to rape me or worse, are they going to rape me?" are some of the frightening questions I began to ask myself. I sensed that I was in serious danger and that if God did not intervene that I would have to brace myself for the worst case scenario.


Eventually, in his frustration, he told his friends to leave. After everyone left, he became sexually aggressive with me. We had very rough forceful painful sex.


As he forced himself on me,  I in state of horror, began to notice things about him I hadn't noticed before. Although I had seen his naked body many times, this night it was if he revealed his true nature to me. Tony* was heavily tattooed, I realized that as he turned that he had the grim reaper was over the entirety of his back.  I paused in a daze trying to figure out how I never seen this before. What truly brought me to tears and shook my core was when I saw 666 on his arm.  He saw the fear in my eyes, he laughed and said "Don’t worry church lady its just a tattoo." He then stared at me with a coldness that is difficult to verbally express... 



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