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Signs of Life Series: The Warlock-Part 2

March 12, 2019



Even after all that was revealed to me, I am ashamed to say that I continued to see him...


Tony* was like an addiction, a drug that I just couldn't kick. During each sexual encounter or rendezvous I noticed something else demonic about him. It even got to the point that I would be scared to look at him in the dark while we were in bed. I knew that he was demon possessed, I had served the Lord in ministry to long not to see it. Some nights I would think within myself, "Any minute now this demon is going to physically manifest." 


I was bound and I just could not break free from him. I literally felt like he was using some form of mind control, almost as if I was under a spell.


One day my Pastor called, he was concerned because he had not seen me in church in a while.  He pleaded with me to come to the church that night. I had plans to see Tony*and although I didn't want to go to church, out of my mouth flowed the answer yes.


I begrudgingly made my way to the church after getting off work and once I was inside my Pastor shared with me his concern for my life. He told me that God revealed to him that I had met a man that was a Warlock. And this warlock was sent on assignment to strip me of my anointing. That he was going to pass me around to all his friends and eventually introduce me to a life of drugs and prostitution. He also told me many details about my intimate times with Tony* and of my fear to talk about Jesus when I was around him.  I was speechless, I knew that only God could have revealed this information to him.


The Pastor along with some of the woman of the church began to pray for me.  I felt such a strong resistance on the inside of me, I began to yell out and moan.  Soon I was on the floor and I began spit up blood, my insides felt as if they were being being ripped open. 

The Pastor continued to call out the spirits that had attached themselves to me.  And I began to throw up, I couldn’t believe the sounds that were coming out of my mouth. Words that were not even in my own voice. I felt so weak I couldn’t even stand up. This went on for hours. 


Finally, I felt better. 


All the pain was gone, and I truly had clarity of thought, I felt like my normal self.  That night I ended all communication with Tony*.  After several weeks had passed, I ran into him at a random store that was not even in my neighborhood. I refused to enter a conversation with him. A few months later I moved to another apartment and was really doing well in my life.  I come outside and there was a note on my car.  It was from Tony with his phone number.  I don't even know how he got my address but I came back in the house tore the paper up immediately so I couldn’t remember the number and call.


The reality of the matter is that even after all that prayer and warfare to save my soul, my flesh was still addicted to the toxicity of his. The next day I found myself digging through my trash trying to put the pieces of the paper back together...


A word from your Apostolic Fly Girl,


I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Most importantly I want to encourage you not to cast harsh judgement on this woman of God. If Satan has never deceived you, good for you. But for those of us in ministry that have fallen short, that have experienced the embarrassment of of failing God and those assigned to us, know that God is faithful to forgive you if you repent.


I am happy to report that this woman of God has been restored and is cautiously and humbly walking in the calling of God. She consistently positively impacts and changes the lives of those around her and is fighting the good fight of faith. 


I will close with this....


Women have Delilah's too - Dr. Khaalida Forbes






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