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Signs of Life Series: I Ain't Gone Die, I Can't Die -Part 2

March 30, 2019


Kap- It was like 3-4 something, right before the sun was coming up. 


APG- In the morning?


Kap- We were over *Y's crib gambling or whatever.


Then *M was like, he (*M) was tryna do me, he thought because he was a big guy he could do me any kind of way.


Boy no, you got me messed up!


So we go outside and box (fight). I beat his a**, he didn't expect it, he was grown and I was young. I was 18, he didn't expect me to put it on him like that. 


APG- He was embarrassed


Kap- Yeah, he took his keys and threw it to one of the guys that was out there.


Me being the hot head I was, I go grab my tool (my gun).


When I got back down there I guess they were waiting on me. 


All of a sudden I hear the shot, man I was young and dumb, when I hear the mother f***** shooting I run up.


I filed one shot, the gun jammed up, the whole time it only had one bullet in it. I ain't even check, I just grabbed the first one I seen and I was gone.


Soon as I turn around I got hit, not even knowing that I was hit though.


APG- So who was with you?


Kap- *Z but he was at the other end, I left like, "Wait right hear G, I got this."


Man, we was young and dumb.


And that's who (*Z) I remember seeing when I came back to. Folks was in the back of the police car, he was waiting on the corner for me like I told him.


He said he was not leaving until I came back.


They thought he shot me.


APG- Man, that is your friend for real!!


Kap- Yeah.


So when I come back through after the flashbacks, luckily, one of the guys (Kap's friend) old man was on his way to work and he seen that it was me that was out there.


I had built up enough strength I asked them (the police) "what you think i'm dead?"I'm looking at these b****** just smoking squares and drinking coffee man. 

They don't understand  what I'm saying.


APG- Did you know they couldn't understand you?


Kap- I don't know they couldn't understand me...this is what I'm wording but it's not coming out. It's slurred. They don't even pay attention that I had even started moving Charity...I'm just dead to them.


So I'm angry as h***


I'm lifting up with a little strength and say "F*** ya'll I'm getting to the hospital myself!"


My guy, his old man runs over there like "Richard don't move, I got the ambulance." He the one that called the ambulance.


APG- This is your friend's dad?


Kap- Yeah, he the one that called the ambulance


APG- So he saw you and recognized you were moving from where he was


Kap- Yeah, he could stand on his porch and see me


APG- And he saw you moving, but the police that were out there...


Kap- Yeah, they out there but they don't even see me moving!


The will to live is a motha-*****


Kap-  Look where I got shot at, in the middle of my neck


APG- You should have died


Kap- Been paralyzed or something,I was in the hospital 4 days


APG- Four Days????


Kap- It was mind over matter, that's what I firmly believe in. That's what I thrive off, that's what wakes me up.


I did one day of therapy


Second day I was using the wash room on my own


When I was in the hospital (initial day of arrival) I only remember seeing one person, my Auntie Sandra. Everybody was up there but the only one I remember seeing was her and her saying "We are praying for you nephew, calm down." I love her dearly.


See, I was trying to pull the tubes up out me. The doctor had to come in and hold me down, I thought I was strong enough to breath on my own. I was trying to breath on my own and I had these tubes up in me and I was getting frustrated.   


It's crazy, I can hear myself talking but I'm not talking."Y'all tryna kill me!" 

I had a panic attack


APG- When did you start breathing on your own?


Kap- Day two..the next day I was walking. The doctors said I was a miracle


APG- This is unbelievable


Kap- Very, they were so shocked that I was able to get up

My head was so swole


Kap- On the third day I had enough strength to go up and down the stairs. Fourth day I was getting discharged

I had to eat out a straw for two or three months months


APG- Two months?


Kap- I was drinking Pork & Beans through a straw

My jaw bone was shattered...


APG- Can I say something from my perspective? Sometimes when God is talking, it sounds like us but it's not really us it's God


Kap- Yes, yes


APG- This sounds so Divine, from my perspective (during your out of body experience) God showed you everything single thing He saved you from. 


Kap- I swear, it could have been wayyy worser.



Dear Reader,


I am sure that we all have a testimony that we can tell of God sparing our lives. Kap's story captivated me because of the many divine encounters that lead up to the point of the shooting. So many times we dismiss thoughts or oddities that happen throughout our day, his story is a reminder of the scripture that says that before we were ever in our mothers belly, God knew us and had a purpose for us being on this earth. Jeremiah 1:5


This man is so full of wisdom and street smarts; he is a born leader and a bonafide agent of change. He is tough as nails and he offers a level of loyalty and friendship that is rare. To know him is to love him, keep he and his family in your prayers.


Love always,

Your Apostolic Fly Girl











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