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Signs of Life Series: I Ain't Gone Die, I Can't Die -Part 1

March 29, 2019


Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity of sitting down and interviewing  a good friend of mine, Richard "Kap" as he told me a story of his near death experience. This is the first time I have interviewed a male for this blog and I was SO honored and humbled that he agreed. 


I believe that his testimony is profound and worth telling. When I heard it, the scripture that reverberated through my mind was:


"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11  


As you read his interview, I believe you will be able to see why.


***Please note: I desire to relay this story in his voice and not my own, as a result some of the language is strong and may be offensive to some readers.***



Kap- When I was coming up, it ain't like I was playing with guns or no s*** like that, I don't know where it  came from. But maybe when I was like 6 or 7 it (a thought) came and it stuck with me, "I ain't gone die, I can't die."

When I think about it, that always puzzled me. I specifically said, "If I get shot, I will not die."


APG- You said specifically "If I get shot I'm not going to die." So God gave you foresight, he allowed you to say something that hadn't even happened yet.


Kap- Right and I'm wondering like, Why am I thinking like this, what would make me think like this? I'm young. When I got older I said, Why do I think this, why the h*** do I think this?


Fast forward 17-18 years old, when I got shot, I got hit in my neck and that s*** came out my jaw.  I know it's a blessing to still be here, I got hit not knowing that I was even hit.


APG- You didn't feel any pain???


Kap- No, when I got hit I had like tripped, at the same time I rolled over. I was still in the motion to run, but I couldn't run. In my mind I was running, but I really know I'm not running. I get a good 20 feet of a porch (I knew the girl that stayed there) as soon as I touch her bottom step, boom, I'm out.


All  of a sudden, I have an out of body experience.


Like this s*** is real life, it scared me, so here it is:


I'm looking at myself, bleeding out my mouth and my ears. I was out of my body looking at myself, now here it is swear to ***, all the things that had happened to me. All my fights, when I got ran over by the Latin Kings (rival gang) all this s*** just like....you know when how they flip the pages of the cartoon books? I swear it's like I'm seeing all this s*** man.


Then here it is, "I can't die, I ain't gone die."


APG- The thought came to you as you...?


Kap- Man, as I am looking at myself out of my body, it came again. The same way it came when I was little, the same way. 


I can't die, I ain't gone die

I can't die, I ain't gone die


Then, why I come back? So now, when I come back through, I look up and the police out there deep. They out there with the yellow tape, the red tape.


APG- WOW, so they thought you were dead?


Kap- Yeah, I was just another dead ***** to them.


Man, I almost lost my life over 5.00...


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